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    Mirik Health Foods Pvt Ltd

    Mirik Health Foods Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a Pvt. Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act 1956 in Delhi.

    MHPL is formed by experts having more than 10 years of experience in handling medico-legal problems & is brought up to take care of the Doctors in association with a leading Insurance Company.

    The objective of MHPL is to provide medico-legal defense against any medico-legal risk/problems/cases arising against its members under any Act, Rule or Law of the land. MHPL also provides protection against Professional Monetary risk thereby arranging professional indemnity insurance/errors & omissions insurance coverage to its members.
    The Medical practitioners of India today are scared of various Consumer Courts that have been set up by the Government of India and the legislation by which the medical practitioners have been brought under the purview of these Consumer Courts. The day to day inventions in the Medical Science, introduction of new techniques of treatment and diagnosis and the new diseases that are coming up because of the jet speed pollution, adulteration, radio active atmospheric and environmental disbalances have posed great challenges before the Medical Practitioners/Medical Establishments of today coupled with the increasing awareness of the Consumer Rights by the public at large. Medico-legal problems are so technical that it can be dealt or understood by a Medico- legal experts only.
    Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is a well known Act amongst the public at large and the medical practitioners and medical establishments have been brought under the purview by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The main objective of this Act is to safeguard the rights of the consumers but misuse of this Act by the consumers can not be ruled out also. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its several landmark judgements have held the doctors liable to pay compensation to the patients in case of legal liability during the course of treatment.
    Medical negligence is the breach of duty by a Doctor towards the patient, to exercise reasonable degree of care and skill which result in some physical, mental and financial disability or loss. Hence, it can be a civil or criminal mistake (error) arising out of the contract between the Doctors & Patients relationship.
    • All the Medical Practitioners in India.

    • All Private or Trust Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Polyclinics.

    • All Government Hospitals and Doctors, if fee has been charged.

    • All Laboratories, Diagnostic Centres, Blood Banks, X-ray Clinics etc.YES, Litigation against Doctors/Medical Establishments is not a new problem, but this problem has gained a lot of prominence. Doctors in general, are very sensitive people and the nature of their job makes them very vulnerable to litigation. 

      After the landmark judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case titled IMA Vs V.P. Shanta in 1995, the number of cases have increased very fast and in several cases, the courts have awarded huge compensation against the Doctors.